Managing director

Mr. Hikmet Hameed

Projects director

Mohammed Ward


Company, associates, and staff reference completed projects within the core services of Al Azal:

Construction Projects

1. Constructing 14 power substations 33/11 kV in Baghdad for Schneider Electric/France and
Bechtel Incorporation/USA.
The project is a turnkey job that included civil construction, mechanical and electrical installations, commissioning, operation and after sale services warranty for 12 months.
The scope of work activities includes installation of following systems and equipments:

• Substation civil construction activities (Foundation, Trenches, Fire walls, SWG. Room)

• 14 Earthing system

• 14 AC & DC distribution system

• 14 Fire alarm and HVAC systems

• 14 Charger and batteries

• Cabling

• (308) 11 kV Cubicles

• (84) 33 kV Cubicles

• 14 Auxiliary transformer

• 28 Power transformers 33/11 kV(31.5 & 16 MVA) (Assembling, Installation, testing and commissioning.

2. Installation, testing & commissioning of 3 power substations (2 * 16 MVA, 33/11 kV)
in NAJAF for Schneider Electric with PAWLS

3. Installation, testing & commissioning of 3 power substations (2 * 16 MVA, 33/11 kV) in
NASSIRYA for Schneider Electric with PAWLS

4. Installation, testing & commissioning of several 0.5 MW diesel generators in Erbil for
BADAWA infrastructure project.

5. Installation, testing & commissioning of heavy cranes control system for NASSAR state company for heavy industries/Ministry of Industry.

6. Rehabilitation of Weighting systems control / Nasser state company for heavy industries.

7. Rehabilitation of Charging system control / Al NASIRIYA thermal power station.

8. Rehabilitation of Stacker and Reclaimer systems control / KUBESA cement plant.

9. Replacement of complete process control system / Al QAIM cement plant with SCS group of companies/Malaysia (6500 I/O).

10. Design and implementation of computer based weighting system for five cement plants.

11. East Baghdad oil Field control system upgrading project / Ministry of Oil.

12. Pre-commissioning and commissioning of water treatment and boiler control System and for Al Quds power station.

13. Rehabilitation of 4 units in DAURA and 3 units in DIBIS of 37.5 MW gas Turbine power plant/Ministry of Electricity

• Installation of new exciter (ABB)

• Installation of AVR panels (ABB)

• Installation and commissioning of 7 generation units (GANZ)

• Rehabilitation of 4 * 60 MW 132/11 kV power transformers including oil filtration

• Installation and commissioning of new gas turbine control panel (SEMATIC S7)

• Installation, programming, and commissioning of protection relays (SEPAM by Schneider electric, RAF by ABB, SR by GE)

• Rehabilitation of all MCC's

14. Rehabilitation of Mandili raw water pumping station./Ministry of Irrigation
Installation and commissioning of 11 * (11/0.6 kV) Cubicles

Consultancy Projects

1. Site assessment and preparation of execution plan method statement for Habibia 8*2 MW Diesel generators by HYUNDAI
The project of installation and commissioning of the generators was executed by ministry of electricity based on the site assessment and execution plan prepared by our team of engineers.

2. Supervision of Installation and commissioning of 20 * 17 MW Diesel generation units by Wartsila in SAMRA'A In addition to the supervision activities, replacement of 3 super chargers units were performed

3. Site Assessment and survey study of BAIJI thermal power station for Bechtel Incorporation /USA.
Specialized team combined of electrical, control, process experts performed detailed site assessment at baiji thermal power station to investigate the requirements to rehabilitate unit #2.

4. Site Assessment and survey study of BAIJI gas power station for Washington group/USA Site assessment of switchyard to investigate the requirement of operation as part of the gas power station rehabilitation project.

5. Consultancy services of Country Oil & Gas Study and analysis for Statoil/Norway Detailed study of Iraq oil & gas sector that provides global view to the client, the study provided information related to legislations, regulations and procedures, experience, applicable standards, decision making process, role of MoO entities, banking services, local content in addition to country general information like geography, demography, climate, ..etc.

6. Consultancy services for HSE gap analysis for Statoil/Norway Assessment of gap between implemented HSE procedure in the oil & gas projects and the client procedures based on international standard & practice

7. Technical/Business Development consultancy and support for Statoil/Norway Provide advice various topics related to oil & gas projects in Iraq

8. Rehabilitation of power station control system / Al MUSSAIB thermal power station/Ministry of Electricity Third party inspection activities for the rehabilitation of unit 2 control system

9. Al Mishahda Oil refinery site assessment / Ministry of Oil

10. Site assessment of field instruments / Al QAIM cement plant.

11. Consultancy service for Badawa infrastructure upgrading project/Ministry of municipalities Turnkey project to rehabilitate/upgrade the infrastructure at Badawa distrIct in Erbil, the project activities included construction of roads, water network, electrical substations.

12. Preparation of electricity master plan in Syria for TEPSCO/Japan
Specialized team engaged in study of country power demand forecast as part of country master plan for 2010-2030 in addition to energy management and power saving policy study.

Project Pictures

- Civil Work

- Mechanical Work

- Electrical Work